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Witnessing Globally

At SSPC, we believe that God's call to mission flows through us and into all the world. We care deeply about how we bear witness to the gospel in all we do, and so we strive to support mission work throughout the world through our prayers, finances, short-term mission trips, and educational opportunities.

We encourage you to stay in touch with the work of missionaries and organizations we support throughout the world, and we hope that you can hear God's call in your life to experience domestic and international mission.

Global Mission Speakers
We try to bring some of our missionaries to our church every year so they can let us know what is happening on the field. In 2009, we hosted Tim & Marta Carriker, missionaries to Brazil, and Michael Weller, missionary to Ethiopia. In 2010, we hosted Marla Day-Fitzwater, the head of ACE, our mission partner in Jamaica. We hosted Nancy Dimmock and Jim McGill in March 2012, and we look forward to hearing from Drs. Les and Cindy Morgan in March 2013.

Short-Term Mission Trips
We offer several short-term mission trips every year. We have built relationships in Honduras, Jamaica, and Charlotte, NC, and you are invited to participate with us in sharing God's love with others on these trips.

Global Mission Partners
Through our offerings, we help support many missionaries and organizations throughout the world. Our mission partners are listed in the right column on this page. Please pray for them!

Mission Partner Organizations

American Caribbean Experience (ACE - Jamaica)

Affordable Medicines for Africa (AMFA)

Marion Medical Mission (Malawi, Zambia, Tanzania)

Ministry of Hope (Malawi)

Montana de Luz (Honduras)

Sign Up to Hear from Your Missionaries!

You can keep up to date on all PC(USA) missionaries through Mission Crossroads, a website devoted to connecting our mission co-workers with congregations that support them.

Global Mission Partners